Podcast Interview with Zak Stein about Information Warfare
veröffentlicht am 31.10.2021

Parallax-Interview with Zak Stein about the information war and the Consilience Project.


Zak Stein: Studied philosophy and religion at Hampshire College, and then educational neuroscience, human development, and the philosophy of education at Harvard University. He wrote two books, “Social Justice and Educational Measurement” and “Education in a Time Between Worlds”, and is now involved with the Consilience Project.


Tom Amarque: Founder of Parallax

Dennis Wittrock: Holacracy Coach, Philosopher and Co-founder of the Integral European Conference

Podcast Version

veröffentlicht am 31.10.2021



Dennis Wittrock, M.A.

Dennis Wittrock, M.A.

Zertifizierter Holacracy® Coach bei Xpreneurs (offizieller Holacracy Provider), sowie Partner bei, eine Beratungsfirma, die rechtliche, soziale und finanzielle Grundlagen für Selbstorganisation legt. Zuvor: interner Holakratie Coach bei Hypoport und Gründer und Co-Direktor der Integral European Conference

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Podcast Interview with Veiko Valkiainen

Podcast Interview with Veiko Valkiainen

I really enjoyed being interviewed by Veiko Valkiainen, a Leadership Trainer and Coach from Estonia. We met at this year’s Holacracy Forum in Amsterdam and he invited me to have a conversation with him afterwards.

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