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How the Dutch Company “NRG Circles” is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry

“You know, Grandpa,” said his nine-year-old granddaughter from the backseat to Robert Annaars while they were driving, “Electric cars are actually worse for the climate than cars with petrol, because of the production of batteries.” Robert works in the valve industry sourcing all kinds of highly specialized valves that are used by the “super-villain” — if there is any — as portrayed by the likes of Extinction Rebellion or Greta Thunberg: the rich and powerful oil and gas industry.

Yet, it is high time for drastic changes, as evidenced by the rapidly growing number of news stories documenting the devastating effects of global warming — from melting pole-caps, torrential rainfalls, devastating killer heatwaves to ravaging wildfires tinting the sky in apocalyptic orange hues. Despite the warning lights blinking like crazy, and despite the fact that we individually have a clear sense of what would have to be done, more often than not, on a collective level we seem to be unable to take what we sense and express it in the form of decisive organizational action.

Instead of sensing into a higher purpose and acting on it, most organizations still seem to be under the sway of the shallow pseudo-purpose of “maximizing profits”, while gradually turning our only planetary home into an uninhabitable hellscape and — how ironic — thereby ultimately destroying the only environment where any of these wonderful profits could be enjoyed. Collectively, we’re on a path of self-destruction.

“If we can transform this industry, we can transform any industry”

— Robert Annaars

From “Oliver Valves Nederland” to “NRG Flow”

As popular wisdom goes, “be the change you want to see in the world” and — to throw in another feel-good truism — “every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”. In 2000, the Dutch company “Oliver Valves Nederland” started out as a supplier of valves for the oil and gas industry. In 2016 the company was acquired by Raëma de Lange and Robert Annaars through a management buy-out from NRG Circles. The operating company Oliver Valves Nederland is currently undergoing a brand transformation from “Oliver Valves Nederland” to “NRG Flow” as it intends to make a greater impact in the transformation of the oil and gas industry, sourcing their needs through collaboration with an eye for the greater benefit for all.


veröffentlicht am 28.07.2021

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