Presentation for TEDx at the 
Deggendorf Institute for Technology

How can work be organized without managers? How can Holacracy help you to master the current challenges of the world of work? How does the distribution of authority work? What is the benefit of aligning ourselves with a purpose?

Sometimes it takes an impulse to get things moving.

To get colleagues up to speed on the topic of Holacracy, it can be useful to invite a speaker as an expert in the context of an internal event, who can provide impetus on these topics and answer specific questions. My practical experience from a German DAX company and from an American startup will make even skeptics curious.

I will give you an overview of the overall concept, of how authority is distributed, how the organization is transformed into an evolving structure of circles and roles, and what the advantages and disadvantages of this way of working are, as well as the conditions for successful adoption.

I am happy to tailor the presentation to the needs of your audience – on-site or virtual. Please contact me.