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Holacracy® Taster Workshop

Today’s organizations are choking on red tape and top-down decision-making. When employees closest to the work sense an urgent need for change, they’re stranded. They don’t have the authority to make even minor decisions without approval. And big decisions? Forget it. Managers are stuck spending too much of their time granting permission.

There is a better way to organize.

Holacracy® is a tested alternative to conventional management structure. It breaks down real work into roles with explicit accountabilities. Authority gets distributed throughout the organization. Holacracy provides organizational clarity and allows individuals to better serve the company’s purpose.

The best part? Holacracy is customizable to your organizational context. Government agencies, schools, healthcare providers, and businesses around the world practice Holacracy. And it’s making their organizations more adaptable, purpose-driven, and human-centric.


The goal of the workshop is to get an experiential taste of what Holacracy looks and feels in practice, and to understand its core components.

Please note: This workshop is not sufficient to immediately adopt Holacracy in your own company but it will give you a clear idea whether this practice is something you might to want to take up.


I offer taster workshops in German or English

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The program consists of the following elements. At any point you will have an opportunity to get your questions answered.

  • A brief overview about Holacracy – what it is and how it is structured
  • Simulation of a “Tactical Meeting”: how to triage operational issues quickly and reliably
  • Simulation of a “Governance Meeting”: how to evolve the structure of the organization to better align the work with the organization’s purpose
  • Reflection, feedback and Q&A to deepen the insights from the simulation
  • Adoption preview: Q&A on questions around next steps in the adoption process (pre-requisites, necessary conditions, steps, etc.)







9:30 – Doors open, tea and coffee
10:00 -13:30 – Morning Session
15:00 -18:00 – Afternoon Session



Price includes drinks, snacks and workshop binders and materials.


The number of participants is limited to 22.




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Dennis Wittrock, M.A. – Certified Holacracy® Coach, internal Holacracy Coach at Hypoport SE, Partner at encode.org, a Holacracy-powered consulting company pioneering legal, social and financial templates for self-organization. Previously: founder and co-director of the Integral European Conference

Participants’ voices

"For some time now, I have been working on new forms of organizational design and came across Holacracy. To learn more about the practical implementation, I attended the Holacracy introductory workshop with Dennis Wittrock in 2014. It was worth it! Dennis presented the rather theoretical systemic basics of Holacracy in a very interesting and comprehensible way. Afterwards, we tried out some essential Holacracy tools ourselves in the group and thus got a good idea of the concrete implementation in practice. Thank you Dennis!"

– Sylvia de Vries, organizational consultant

"The training helped me to get a good overview of Holacracy. Dennis Wittrock managed to both give the big picture and dive deeper into individual elements. I also found the balanced mix between theory and practice to be successful! Thanks to you Dennis!"

– Oliver Rothfuß, Management Consultant, DETEGO

"Dennis Wittrock does not simply lecture on another theoretical model, but speaks from lived experience of multiple Holacracy possibilities - a clear difference in quality. The practical exercises of the essential tools enable the deepening of one's own understanding from both the observer and role-play position. This results in a deep understanding of the possibilities of this social technology without it being sold as a panacea. Absolutely recommended as a seminar and as practice in one's own life!"

– Isabelle Fritzsche, Psychologist

"Through Dennis' trainings we always get valuable new impulses, directional corrections and ideas for our Holacracy process."

 – Ralf Eilbracht, itdesign GmbH

On-Demand Workshops

The date doesn’t work out? Travel distances don’t pan out for you? I am happy to come to your corner of the world to offer a public Holacracy® workshop. Are you aware of interested parties in your area? Give me a call or write to me so that we can discuss the options. I am also happy to conduct a private in-house Holacracy® workshop for your company. I am looking forward to your message.

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