About Me

What I Do and what drives me

In Brief

I am a certified Holacracy® Coach and currently work mainly for Xpreneurs. for Hypoport SE. Apart from that, I am filling roles for encode.org, a consulting company powered by Holacracy which is creating legal, social, and financial foundations for self-organization. Before that, I worked as internal coach at the intersection of multiple Holacracy implementations at Hypoport

I am the founder and co-director of the Integral European Conference (2014/ 2016) and was CEO and board member of the German Integral Association Integrales Forum and the German Integral Academy (DIA) for several years. 

I hold a Magister Artium (M.A.) degree in philosophy from Bremen University. I wrote my thesis on the topic of transdisciplinarity and Ken Wilber’s integral methodological pluralism.

My purpose is the creation of spaces for integral consciousness.


You can download my CV (German version): 20200726 CV Dennis Wittrock

Some Random pictures

I am merely human…

some Random Facts

  • I live about a 100 meters away from my primary school
  • My parents owned a bakery

  • My brother is a drummer in a Death Metal band

  • My first CD was the album „Recycler“ by ZZ-Top
  • I played soccer for 15 years – I started in the defense, later midfield and ended up as a forward
  • I practice Zen in the Rinzai tradition
  • I once studied to become a teacher of English and Art
  • I am extremely bad at telling jokes, but I have a talent for situational comedy in group settings
  • I was never drunk in my entire life (and there is no agenda behind it)
  • I am pretty good at table-soccer


Art and Paintings

Sometimes (rarely) I paint. Here’s a selection of my artworks.