Holacracy® Coaching Services

I offer the following elements and modules for the different phases of practice (pre-start, start, practice). They can be combined as needed. All services can be delivered in person or remotely. 

1) Pre-Start: Holacracy® Taster Workshop

Initial situation: Some teams or colleagues need a kickstart for their practice

If Holacracy were a new car, this would be the test-drive. You will learn the core meeting processes and structures of the practice via a hands-on simulation experience. After that, you will be able to ask any question concerning the application in your particular context. You can read a description of the Taster Workshop here, which I will do in-house for you. Alternatively, you can visit one of my public workshops.

2) Start Phase: Creation of Initial Governance and Kicking Off Circles

In order to be able to start the practice at all, the current activities of all teams need to be captured and translated into  Holacracy-constructs (purpose, circles, roles, accountabilities, domains, and policies). You will need to chose an appropriate Holacracy software-tool (GlassFrog or Holaspirit) and populate it with your initial governance. The Lead Links of the pre-defined circles will then have to fill the roles of the circle with the right people. Constitutionally required roles (Facilitator, Rep Link, and Secretary) will have to be elected via the integrative election process. The first governance and tactical meetings need to be held for each circle. I will support you during the entire process, either in person or remotely. 

3) Practice Phase: Facilitation Shadowing

During shadowing I will support the acting facilitator of the circle from the back of the room while he or she is conducting the meeting. If necessary, I intervene and take a time-out to explain a concept or give feedback. After the meeting, we debrief the overall experience. 

You will receive detailed feedback concerning nuances of the framing of the steps of the process, the overall attitude, how to deal with objections / safety-concerns, how to navigate Integration, etc. 

The facilitator and the circle receive feedback for the improvement of their understanding of the process and Holacracy in general. This service is available in-person or remotely. 

4) Practice Phase: Governance Audit / Feedback + Facilitation

During a Governance audit, I will check the content of Governance records for consistency with the rules of the Holacracy constitution. Invalid Governance-Output will be made visible. Apart from that, I will highlight passages that may not technically be invalid but convey misunderstandings of the practice that might obstruct the practice in the long run. Every circle will receive feedback on their Governance and have the opportunity to address related questions.

If invalid Governance output is detected, I will provide the circle with an alternative proposal. If needed I will also step in in the role of facilitator in order to process the new proposal right away. This service is available in person or remotely. 

5) Practice Phase: Levels of Holacracy Maturity and Powershift Issues

If you tolerate a parallel shadow power structure for too long the practice of Holacracy will get undermined. We will reflect the level of practice in your organization with the help of the Holacracy-Maturity Map. This can become an opportunity to collect tensions with regard to power issues and to translate them into concrete next actions and projects. 

By using the differentiation of „role“ vs. „soul“ we will analyze the organizational and the personal aspects of your tensions. We can then look at potential pathways for solving your organizational tensions via Holacracy. Any personal aspects of tensions will be identified and suitable spaces and pathways for resolving them will be discussed as well.


While I may be able to help differentiate between role and person and offer pathways within Holacracy, I am not a mediator or conflict-coach. In this area I can merely offer my human common-sense. Therefore, my aspiration is limited to resolving what can be resolved via Holacracy while parking any other tensions to be resolved separately with the help of competent experts in this area (mediators, coaches, conflict resolution, NVC, etc.). 

6) Practice Phase: Coaching for General Holacracy-Related Questions

This is an open session, in which anybody can bring their concrete cases and questions. We then discuss how the respective tension can be resolved with the help of Holacracy, which possible pathways exist, and which options seem to be the most promising ones. This service can be delivered in person or remotely. 

7) Practice Phase: Building Self-Organized Learning Groups for Core Circle Roles

It is recommended to build self-organized learning groups for the core circle roles (Facilitator, Lead Link, and Secretary), in which the role-filler regularly reflect on their practice and support each other. For this you can use a meeting format that is an adaptation of the Tactical meeting. Once the practice of Holacracy has consolidated, the learning groups can be continued internally. This service is available in person or remotely.