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„Mit Dennis haben wir endlich jemanden gefunden, der Holacracy in der Praxis eines größeren Unternehmens lebt und deswegen glaubwürdigen und belastbaren Rat geben kann“

"Dennis embodies one of the most important traits of an entrepreneur: tenacity. I've witnessed Dennis over almost a decade remain committed to his vision and expression of purpose. Over the course of time and in spite of significant challenges he has steadfastly applied his thoughtful intellect to birth newness and novelty into the world. As a 30 year entrepreneur, I admire Dennis for his entrepreneurial spirit."

- Tom Thomison, Partner, HolacracyOne & 

"I know Dennis Wittrock since 2004 and it has always been a delight to work with him. His expertise in integral theory and practice - e.g. his deep understanding and application of Holacracy is really putting organizational workflows to a whole new level."

- Alistair Langer, Marketing - Coaching - Consulting, reducing complexity. 

"Dennis is a supersmart brain with an open heart, which is a combination you will not find on each street corner. I got to know him as an advisor to my own start up, and had the chance to enjoy his flexible mind, deep knowledge on organisational dynamics and multidisciplinary thinking first hand. His dedication to truly support the things that catch his attention is remarkable."

- Raoul Pilcicki Founder and Partner, NAMENAME Design Consultancy.

„Durch die Trainings von Dennis bekommen wir immer wieder wertvolle neue Impulse, Richtungskorrekturen und Ideen für unseren Holacracy-Prozess“

 - Ralf Eilbracht, itdesign GmbH

"When Dennis is clear on a goal or purpose, he is able to pull all resources together that are needed. He then pursues his ambition with high energy, patience, intelligence as well as great ideas and networking skills. He is a very open, honest and responsible person that other people trust."

-Anke Lessmann - Founder, bewusstes unternehmen. Previously Senior Consultant, Gallup.

"Dennis holds the vision of a new style of working together and shaping an enterprise and is able to pursue it."

- Aurelian Jaggi, CTO, Eaternity.

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